About the band

Elithium is a Dutch Symphonic Metal band that combines Symphonic Metal with progressive elements and catchy melodies.


Composer and synth player Cees van Ooijen (ex-Android Soul) creates beautiful cinematic, orchestral compositions, Lennert Kemper (also in Dreamwalkers Inc) adds melodic guitars and epic guitar solos. Creative drummer Nicky de Jonge forms, together with master of bass Robert van der Poel, the rhythmic powerhouse of the band. Yvette Ophelia completes the music with her clear, dynamic vocals that are influenced by Within Temptation and Anneke van Giersbergen, but have their own distinct sound.


The band was founded in 2020 by Cees van Ooijen and singer Desirée Nolta, inspired by Beyond the Black, Delain and Nightwish. They wrote much material together and released with the band singles and the EP Eden 2.0. In 2023, Desirée left the band due to time constraints and Yvette stepped in.


The band members are from multiple corners of the Netherlands and love to share their passion for music with the audience through an energetic live performance.